We make real the promise of robotics to build an ordinary life for extraordinary people



With an autonomous exoskeleton Millions Of mobility impaired persons could walk again

3 times less Access to higher education and jobs for mobility impaired persons

Letting mobility impaired persons walk again

Wandercraft has developed the first autonomous exoskeleton. In it, SCI patients have walked in December 2016

In 2018, our exo will be in rehabilitation centers. Soon it will provide autonomy to wheelchair users

The pace of revolution


World premiere

Clinical trials, 2017

For the first time, SCI patients stood up and walked without crutches, in an exo controlled by dynamic robotics

Robotics revolution built

Step by step


1st mathematical models

To design an exo capable of human-like walk


1st 2D prototype

Validates walk algorithms


1st 3D prototype

Stands up and walks with a non-disabled user


1st clinical trial

Five SCI patients walked


1st commercial exo

Used by a rehabilitation center to research therapeutical benefits


1st approval

Of an autonomous exo allowing for human-like walk in heathcare institutions


1st personal exo

To bring back autonomy in the activities of daily living of (ex-) walking impaired persons

Permanent (r)evolution

After five years of development, SCI patients have walked in clinical trials. More trials are planned in the coming months

In 2017, our heavy development prototypes are becoming slimmer and sleeker. While improving performances and safety

In 2018, our exo will become available in Rehabilitation Centers, firstly in Europe, aiming to enable new treatments and longer, more frequent sessions

We work on a personal exo. We are gradually teaching it how to overcome city obstacles that block wheelchairs’ way. It will become your daily life’s companion

Complex technology, simple usage


The first natural walk exo in the world : code name Atalante

Disruptive algorithms to emulate human walk

Developed with the best academic labs in walk robotics

Sophisticated robotic architecture for an easy to use exo

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Zero crutches 100 000 Hours of development

Humans who make robots for humans


Testing dynamic walk

12 With a PhD in robotics or international distinctions 120 Cumulated years of experience in robotics

Founders and CBO
Team square

One of the best walk robotics teams

35 world-class mathematicians, roboticists and bio-mechanicians. Average age : 29

Gathered in Paris around one project : to break the disability barrier with the most advanced robotics

In a fast growing team

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Pictures, and more

Media kit

Get to know us with this concentrated 100% Wandercraft kit

Photos, logos, views of the prototypes... and soon, videos

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We walk thanks to their confidence

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